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period, were principally British graduates, who brought with

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this degree may be given credit for any course offered in any department

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mined to attempt an operation for the clo- ; Operations for Cataract. — Extraction,

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Alexander S. Begg, M.D., Teaching Fellow in Ilistology and Embry-

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FRED B. LUND, M.D., Lecturer on Surgery, 527 Beacon St.

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high; large draughts of cold water when not severe enough to produce

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be taught. Practical instruction will also be given in a research milk

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first step in my examination of the belly was bowels, and restored the abdomen to its

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art, in literature, in every field of intellectual accomplishment.

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from suppuration to septasmia and death, or terminates in the second

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treatment of the sick. Edited by Solomon Solis Cohen, A.M., M.D.,

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patient will gain hope, if we turn our eyes for a little while

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tion kinds of decomposition, products, and their effects. Prevention.

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centimeters of serum in a test tube as the unit). In consideration of

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Tbe courses will be given under the 8uj)erviKion of Professor Sears,

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Lorenz, of Vienna. The article on exercises, as a method of

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on either side of the ones in which plague-infected rats had been found,

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scapula, below which tliere was flatness. The whole left axilla Avas flat.

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Hutchinson, Charles William, a.b. 1906, a.m. 1907, Framingham Centre

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— Acute and Chronic. In some cases -,it locates itself in the capsule,

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Minded." She pointed out the fact that the number of men-

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mia ? Describe the lesions which will establish the post-mortem

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The Warren Anatomical Museum was founded in 1847 by John Collins

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Bacteriology. Professor Ernst, and Drs. Frothingham and Page.

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The design of these courses is to continue the work of the third year in

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They must pass examinations, or receive credit for all courses required

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Laboratory work. Professor Ernst and Drs. Boutwell, Floyd,

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Myelitis or Spinitis, when the substance of the cord is affected.

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variable, is p> p_/ > where / is the quantity of agglutinated agglutinable

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and Drs. Brackett, A. Thorndike, Soutter, and Osgood. (H.M.S.

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and into the left pleural cavity. Extensive atheromatosis of the aorta, of the

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struction of the portal vein, it would do no good to bleed. But we don't

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The pathological collection is being constantly enlarged by the addition

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eral opening" and keep tlae horse standing- afterwards from one to three,