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Division of Medical Sciences consisting of members of the Faculties of
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Kirkbride, in the course of which many'; The members of the Association left Bal-
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The Doctor then proceeds to state that \ matter, as strong suspicions were held in
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cases, as I do not think any useful purpose can be served there-
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the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Harvard College. Candidates must
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ture for some time. Yesterday, I gave her j end of this time (Nov. 13) Dr. B. was called
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surgical disease and injury, including the surgical operations on the eye
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Semeiology. — When the meninges of the cord are first affected the
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8. Describe the origin, insertion, and innervation of the muscles
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developed commonly in two cases, one on the sternum of the horse or ox
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Dr. Jas. A. Robertson, of Stratford, and Dr. Wm. Spankie,
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and it is the common flea attacking the rat in Europe. It, like Cteno-
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Ammonio- Sulphate of Copper. — At the ; that its outbreak in individuals has been very
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if, in addition to the blue line, you find that j grain of opium, at an interval of two hours,
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Philippine Islands which shows such a large mortality, nor was any
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found under Pathology, Bacteriology, and Clinical Medicine.
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aggregate of the diversified environment to which our friend
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Microscopes. -T^yery student is strongly urged to purchase a microscope
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illustrated. Exercises in case teaching are given in the latter part of the
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get the obstruction put. This can almost always be done in cattle when
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monia, whisky. Anodynes that are useful are chloral, most important,
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Dr. John H. Musser, of Philadelphia, is President, and Dr.
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1 or its equivalent will be admitted as research students to work upon
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SAMUEL J. MIXTER, M.D., Lecturer on Surgery, '^"'"''^■
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years and upwards. In the corresponding J Odessa. — The cholera is prevalent and
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of the left side developed after admission to the hospital;
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