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as the disease progresses. The contraction of the neck and shoulders is

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;are also abundant clinical opportunities of all kinds in the following

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given in small doses; or borax in solution sometimes — in small doses;

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70 per cent. At Canacao, the water became contaminated by amoeba?

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action is weak, the expired air is cold, often times frothy mucous ofte

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attendants, or on the bits, or in the drinking water and many other ways,

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blow why in cases such as these the circulation is embarrassed:

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report as to condition. There has been no return of the trouble.

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tion of it is very abrupt, except that a little hyperaemia may extend into

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Thesis, " The Bacteriological Control of Public Milk Supplies."

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in arts or medicine. Hence arose the strongest reasons for

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such as genera pa Lt of h"' '"' ^'" ""'*> ^^'^ ™P-'-' -««-

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A Manual of Midwifery for Students and Practitioners. By HknkyJeli.ktt, D. A.,

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history of chorea. A quarrel M'ith a friend was given as an

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Donnell, Clyde Henry, a.b. {Howard Univ.) 1911, Greensboro, N. C.

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The John Thomson Taylor Scholarship, with an income of two

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cultation, Metchnikoff's theory of leucocytosis, Jenner's teach-

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were carried on in the laboratories of the Harvard Medical School, and at

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the counsel and guidance of other investigators working with them.

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used — it being held at some distance fromjdering the syncope fatal. I have since

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Lectures and recitations on physical diagnosis. Dr. Robey. (P.B.

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COLLEOB was built inTsir * ""' """"^ "'^ «^^' Medical

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Charles J. White, M.D., Assistant Professor of Dermatology.

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greater than the month just passed, yet it is has been so slight, and the heat so great,

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man of the Committee on the Degree of Doctor of Public Health. i

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the eyes to take a cylinder without variation of angle.

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The accident of dominating symptoms in a given case is but

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torn apart; we could see that the elasticity of the lung had been

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lege courses, with laboratory work in each amounting at least to four

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gery and Bandaging. Mumford, Clinical Talks on Minor Surgery. Burrell

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about by the bacillus are formed in or near the skin or mucous surfaces

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believed it to be a young tertian parasite. (Malaria is common in the

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W. B. Cassels, J. S. Pritchard, J. Boyce, J. P. Campbell. A. J.

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it has never been isolated; the germ of infectious Urethritis in the human