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of recent date, whether desiring fundamental reviews or in quest of the
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had had severe vomiting, pain at the um- j excited through a wound made into the
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Edward Cowles, M.D., LL.D., Instructor in Mental Diseases.
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Throughout the Northern and Middle >" A great part of the month was like Indian
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of appointing some distinguished and well ' sented to thereiiring Secretary, Dr, Gooch.
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During the first three years the following methods of instruction are
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mysterious messages in a strange language, never heard before,
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one-thirtieth of the original power of the haemolysin after being heated
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anatomy in its relation to diagnosis ; demonstrations of specimens and
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^o^man Paul Hersam, s.b. (Univ. of California) 1908.
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illustrate the text. Note that the answer must be based both as to text
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W. Oldriffht, M.A., M.B. Tor., Professor of Hygiene.
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Lea's Series of Medical Epitomes will comprise twenty-two
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acute diseases, and changes are taking place constantly. The opportuni-
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of extravasation, or small patches of gangrene. Eicketts's findings of
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E.and E.I. = Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary.
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instructor. In these discussions the laboratory experiments are correlated
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seems to run into Purpura Hsemorrhagica, so the termination is the same
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No. 2. — Virulent blood was diluted with four times its volume of phys-
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and trephining into the enlargement, and injecting antiseptics,, or by ap-
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from cold to very warm, crowded stables is apt to bring it on in the form
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Students are divided into four classes according to their time of study
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persuading her to go home Thpn Lilt 5 ^ ^^ ^^^ difficulty m
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in methods of opsonic-index work, witli practical application ; (<^) research
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Frothingham. (H.M.S.orP.B.B.H.) Twice a week for ten
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Algernon Coolidge, Jr., M.D., Professor of Laryngology.
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Courses which are intimately related to this field of medicine will be
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The nature of the examinations shall be determined by each department
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macists as VVyeth, Parke. I >avis & ( 'o., Sharpe
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This work will be given at the Carney Hospital. Each quarter-course
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The elevations of the two higher districts tery, although he stoutly maintains the pain
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The degree of Doctor of Public Health is open to holders of the degree
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HENRY T. IIUTCHINS, MA:>., Fellow in Gynaecology,
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of these two cases, it is right to inform the i to circulate the manifestoes of charlatan*;
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second, fibrous; third/hyaline; this is the order in which they most fre-
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the time mentioned and as the health office of Hongkong had notified