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" Another matter that differed then from now was the absence
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officer or student of the University is accepted as a bondsman. Students
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Clinical Exercises. — Small sections of the class will be drilled
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tion, there is less blood in the -body than in either of the other two cases^
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sion for personal reminiscences. Our duty is that of exam-
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the unaffected portions; in case they are both affected then they will not
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^f two hundred and twenty patients, received from all parts of the country,
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four years, then the horse begins to yield; it takes on a form,
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first and second general examinations, by passing these examinations, by
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fessor of Medicine, Vienna University, died at his home in
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than to highest scholarship merely. The amount to be awarded annually
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(H.M.S. and Ch.H.) Every other week, second half-year. 8
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Dean's Office not later than May 21st^ on blanks provided for the pur-
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ing obtained; that cercival tears are easily produced and are
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Mason, and R. M. Green, in the wards and out-patient department of the