tant anatomical and morphological journals, together with many standard
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departments, a limited number of students may be permitted, on con-
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the theses read publicly during the past academic year were : Color-blind-
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at the Hospital, and devote his time chiefly to attendance on cases in the
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hundred and twenty-eight visits to the Out-Patient departments. Patients
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carotid and coccygeal glands, and less closely the pituitary and
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Otology 3. Pathology of the ear. Dr. A. M. Amadon. Quarter-course,
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use in trying to save blankets, -harness, etc. ; burn all and thoroughly
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tissue enucleated, placed in formalin 4 jx^r cent, for forty-
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In 1912 the Graduate School of Medicine was established to take charge
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compared to the weak or puny. It was proved to be Ergotism, from
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I. Students who have acquired from a recognized college or scientific
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portance in these cases, and operation upon the muscles of
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in formulating some means which would apply to all Canada
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Treatment, — If the choke is in the upper third, remove the object
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185I-'2 2651 ie5-2-'3 was reduced to 617, or 114 less.
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efEcacy of their system. | a very ordinary and moderate success as
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General Hospital and the Boston Dispensary. Lectures and recitations
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Dental Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 129 Marlborough St.
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permit some gradual motion, in order that a ; entered the Royal Free Hospital, where va-
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Association, " Mind works in every function of the body ; a sound
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may only exist for a number of hours; but sometimes you get rupture ,of ,
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ceased, the foetal heart was not affected, and labor terminated normally
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their reasons for using opium, the majority of the confirmed consumers
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sparingly denounced ; as will appear evident ! shall soon inform them of it, in order that
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there is painful straining; saliva dribbles from the mouth, the back is
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7. An emergency call brings an obstetrician to a woman delivered
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which has just occurred in my practice might be of interest.
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9. In considering the occurrence of true parasitism we must never
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onlhem; another form is urinating in the sheath, may cause the sheath to
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tinue to do so and finally kill the animal; but if they don't find suitabli
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" Actuated by these feelings, the Board of the hospital waited
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5 down and you, force, him to get up he will be very lame and will soon
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Lectures. Professor T. Smith. (H.M.S.) One hour daily., second and
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spray of the respiratory tract, for he has never known a
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adopt a more scientific mode of examina- \ book containing notes to the amount of
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devoted to work in the Library. Some of the theses, which are closely
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that they need not take their temperature, but we know this is not so
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Bent Brigham Hospital, the Massachusetts General Hospital, and the
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pain is continuous and grows worse; quick pulse, increases in frequency,
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and they class this kind of meat as number 4. It has been found in the
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meat of a glandered animal is very poisonous; will produce the diseas'
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