easier, but we can see he is getting weaker; the pulse becomes wiry, very

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the Corporation on nomination by the Jackson Professor of Clinical Medi-

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co-operating bodies. Then will naturally follow an appeal to

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third day of the disease. This was sent to the laboratory contained in a small

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general lists in the one and the other hos- 1 many hospitals in England have an average

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tary, H. C. Ernst, M.D., Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass., on or

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the appetite is lost, rumination is suspended, milk dries up, the urine is

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logical physiology of the nervous system. The lectures introduce concep-

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has become poisoned. Acute cases may run into the chronic and require

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often so strong as to pull the head to the knees: will often scream with

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conveyed the infection to monkeys and guinea pigs, and more recently

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dition, through the bourse ofthe Tin " ^^ "Ganges of physical con-

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lescence and post-operative treatment. Students will also be required to

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ments. Two lectures on the significance of the ear in early life will be

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sub-departments of Neuropathology, Neurology, and Psychiatry.

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fine silk or catgut to sew up the rupture; when the sutures rot out, there

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' smell, very disagreeable even before* there is any discharge from the

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Kyes and Sachs observed the fact that cholesterin inhibited haemolysis,

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fund. Since that time other sums have been contributed for cancer re-

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Hypersemia of the lungs. In this there is to a great extent an engorg<

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And have all these then — our brothers and our forebears —

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Mental Diseases, 1879-80, on Mental Diseases, 1880-82; Assistant Pro-

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Laryngology 1. Half-courses, forenoons, throughout the year.

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. All incisions or punctures are made with a scalpel or with a curved

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D. Crosbv Greene, Jr., M.D., Fellow in Laryngology.

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serum, or one on which the arbitrarily-set* time limit of the

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Jtoorether, they protest, then openly rebel and finally go on

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Attridge, Arthur James, a.b. (St. Francis Xaviers Coll.)

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Rupture of Intestinal Walls. — This occurs the same as rupture

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your hands, gentlemen, from the unhal- / respectable authors and practitioners. In

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method of transmission. It may therefore be said that the disease is

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the Administrative Board of the Medical School to make such original

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