leave this subject ? The social life of a country doctor I know
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case, may be dispensed with, provided that the occupants of the infected
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in this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates.
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tion of our fathers, but much remains to be done, the work
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Anatomy 6.. Half-course, afternoons, October and November. Structure
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animal sometimes will make no attempt to swallow anything you pour,
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August 1 : The patient has had no symptoms except the fever, slight headache
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Philippines hookworm infections play a part more nearly resembling
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Besides regular commitments, emergency, voluntary and temporary care
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Diseases are contagious when they are communicable from' one a*ni>- ,
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of said rest and residue (if the same shall be sufficient) two scholarslups
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Case V. — Tran Luan, 24 years of age, from the village of Van-Khau (Prov-
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not clearly understood, these points are briefly discussed again before the
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The Bowditch Library of Physiology and Biological Chemistry, containing
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Hudson, Carl Bibb, a.b. 1912 (1911), Montgomery, Mo.
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r uirements of laboratory and praetical work required in the ful unde
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surgery, clinical surgery, operative surgery, surgical pathology, and
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to recover the cholera organism from the water which I worked with.
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under this head are Simple, Papulae, Pustular, and Rubrin. This is the
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cause Catarrhal or Bronchial Pneumonia — which is the most common
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stones. Then in some very bad cases there is Sub Acute Cystitis, and
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'''^''°l'^\'':''.''^f'^'^"''' of Medicine: Horace D. Arnold, m.b
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Medical Colleges are admitted to advanced standing on presentation of credentials,
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;d; it contains albumen and the coloring matter of the blood, but not
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under no circumstances such patient comes through the Out-
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than to highest scholarship merely. The amount to be awarded annually
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fattening upon the flesh of hundreds of brothers and sisters,
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Notes on a Case of Perimettitis. — Hukam Chand, O.M.S., Surgeon
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week had a considerable uterine haemorrhage. A competent obstetri-
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How far these remarks are applicable to ; versation in the medical circles of London,
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cause is poisoning, as from caustics, also from wounding of the lining of
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meals is a desirable habit to encourage and a positive water,
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The College Library at Cambridge is open to the students of this School.
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This did not heal under various methods of treatment for a
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are very manifest in the consequent tortuosity of the vessels;
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menced in the preceding month, when such ; 4,821, the male deaths were 5,437, an ex-