One thousand and sixty-seven, or slightly more than one-fourth of the prison-
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interests in 1902. It is not stated whether or not this is a non-
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obtained from the Secretary of the Faculty or from the Bursar. No
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laboratory exercises, in which are studied the healing of wounds, fractures,
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colored, /sometimes grayish or greenish yellow; it resembles half-melted .
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Money sailed upon this mission. She returned early in 1874,
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io\'n ^^^ ^Q^o^^u'"'' °^ ^^''1^^^, ^^^ ^^'1^5 i^ 1900, and 58,571 in
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in Dental Histology and Dental Anatomy, 330 Dartmouth St.
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composed of four straight lines intersecting at three points and having
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to the errors in feeding; fourth, malignant disease of the stomach, in the
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cand|dates for the degree of M.D. under the following conditions ^^
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patient complained and groaned continually. There was headache and insomnia.
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and in some forces which are able to destroy not only hemiagglutinin,
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Lawson G. Lowrey, M.D., Assistant in Neuropathology .
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1900, M.D. (Bellevite Hosp. Med. Coll.) 1904, Lawrence.
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however, for curative uses, the dose must be increased to a considerable
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near you as if in fear of something, sometimes will jump up and run
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so high as 38 degrees, according to Pierce ; ;to meet the rising temperature of the earth,
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At the same time honest men from schools of good repute were
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three parts required for dissection ; three dollars for laboratory materials in
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to cloudiness of the vitreous humor, to Glaucoma, and from that to catar-
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experiencein the actual treatment of typhoid tific Committees.
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agglutinin, agglutinoid and agglutinahle substance always unite according
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This course consists of laboratory exercises and lectures on the various
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of acute diseases, and changes are taking place constantly. The opportj
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Experimental Pharmacology. Half-course, afternoons, December and
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any appeal for funds as soon as the proper authorities are
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Taylor, Roy Arnold, m.d. {Tufts Med. Sch.) 1906, Waltham.
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the publication of the sixth volume of the ending Nov. 2S, 211 deaths, of which 129
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eases. Sectional teaching at the bedside both at the Children's and
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Mr. Arnold Lawson {Journal of Ophthalmology) read a paper
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It is enough, with respect to homoeopathic ' after all these admissions, what is the real
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Two other cases of cyclic vomiting were treated by the
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XXV. Rogers, Leonard. The Prevention of Tropical Abscess of. the
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can declare in a medical society without being suspended
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Diseases are contagious when they are communicable from' one a*ni>- ,
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blows across the loins, parasites, especially the. Eustrongylus Gigas, these
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catarrhal conjunctivitis affecting mainly the conjunctiva of