fifteen minutes at 75° C, while its toxicity is reduced to one-tentli of

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watch extremely useful in keeping up the [ concurred in the views expressed in Dr.

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between the anatomical laboratory and the clinical courses should be re-

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the red corpuscles but very httle in their shape. In counting 500

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and Fabyan. Two hours daily, second and third, weeks in Decem-

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new buildings the School is indebted to the generosity of Mrs. Collis P.

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I employed horses, cattle, goats, etc., for this purpose, and found that

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thus, to preserve the ratio of the preceding^ winter, was 16 per cent., exposure to cold

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each year to a properly qualified graduate of a college or university in

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imported their true constituents, and in : 1. That cancerous affections, particularly

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tive — Dr. T. W. G. McKay, of Oshawa. Theory and Practice

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week when in the early part of the afternoon instruction in physical

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Scholarships. The income of this Fund is available for holders of any

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through life; this occurs in dogs and in the human.

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Latimer ; Medal in Surgery, M. Lesses, Kingston ; Chancellor's

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Associate Professor Sears. (B.C.H.) Twice a week, first half-year ;

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past year. These cases present every variety of disease of the ear and

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cause. In addition to the purgative, if you think it 1 necessary, give a diu-

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Vice-Presidents : Dr. N. H. Beemer, Toronto ; Dr. Charles K.

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uterus as a whole, while the utero- vesicals control the to-and-

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prostration is great; give in liberal 1 quantities; for the young, give port

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Krehl, Principles of Clinical Pathology. Schwalbe, Therapeutische Tech-

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equal truth almost nothing. The inspiration which gave it

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4. What intratympanic changes would result from a prolonged

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We cordially support the views of the Globe, which happens

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3. The clinical history, methods of diagnosis, and treatment in

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cut deeper. If you cut off any veins don't be alarmed, but stop the

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rt:; or MarT:""'''""" "'"""°"^' ^o™-^"' "-™^"' ^•>^'-

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creases from about one half to three fourths of an i inch in twenty-four

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scribes the disease under the head of a following is an extract. AViih reference to

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meats, therefore, constitute a large part of the solid foods, and

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2. A new building has just been completed for male and

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reflex, so you treat the organ. In case of debility, anaemia, treat the

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(either mornings or afternoons for one month) . They are so arranged that

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also sheep and hogs. Horses may grow taller, but as a rule do not grow