they will be found to have notoMy increased the extent of

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which becomes red and indurated. The pain disappears at day-

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as its continuity is interrupted. It also shows a difference

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1858 he was president of the Buffalo Medical and Surgical Institute ;

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from behind the angle of the jaw, and had to be dissected off the

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action upon the blood of certain poisons generated by the entozoa.

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or air-passages, or by an infiltration and tumefaction of the

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Medical Society of the State of New York, 1878; "Digitalis in the

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and lachesis failed to relieve, but oxalic acid proved to be the

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and in a threatening manner, we must have recourse to an

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tianize, civilize, and humanize India, are the only effectual means

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Mary Morey, M.D., Class '85, Boston University School of Medicine, has lo-

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case there is no change of shape of the bullet, the reduction

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and the carrying on of other beneficent enterprises in which

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ogy, of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Clinical In-

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again improved; and a superior pencil, with nickel tip, manufac-

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man province of Schleswig Holstein. His father, John

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Sanguinaria is put down as especially useful in climateric dis-

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muscles often seem somewhat swollen and infiltrated, are very sensitive to

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American Obslttrics, vol. ii. pp. 269, 270). While yet

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prolapse of the urethra. The new operation consists in making

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eminent professor AYilloughby, in the village of Newport, Dr. Jacob

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The Afternoon Session was opened by the report of the

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academic department of New York University, after which he pur-

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able. The German bullet S has the greatest initial velocity,

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the lower back, thighs and legs ; the pain aggravated while at

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conferred upon her while she was siill leaching, and in

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the nature of the act. In the defence, all recollection or con-

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however deduced, as to the nature of a disease, rather than

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which have in turn taken up every position between the absolute

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try at the Albany Medical College, subsequently Adjunct Professor

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"Observations on the Relations of Temperatures to Diseases

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immunity for more than three years. At the time of his first

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If experience can have any just clinical weight, the following

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perpetuate the memory of the events in colonial history

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Trajectory. — The course followed by the bullet, its

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of memory and consciousness is total ; and during this period the

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in the last bones hit. The metatarsal epiphysial extremities

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or transversely, cleanly, or with fissures. Generally

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during this experience, which speaks well for modem

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I very well remember that Sir Charles Scarbrough told me

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other States — Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island,