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Winter and W. E. Plummer, Guy's Hospital; J. T. Leon, M. F.
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and that ten will not be more three years hence than it is at present.
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number of cases that came under the observation of himself
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have been advocated for years by every great authority on
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Secretary of the Imperial Royal Medical Society, of which he
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years' experience as a practising physician, I have long
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adjacent parts with the presence of influenza. Whenever the
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ants, has 1^0 doctors ; Westminster, with 6,0u0 inhabitants, 8 doctors ; and
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life. Why, then, is it not discarded before the birth of the
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Foster, deals chiefly with the manner in which the vitality of
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This case proves that the peritoneum is able to absorb even
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of Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Anatomy and
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tice whicli has recently prevailed at the Queen's Hospital,
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LEICESTER INFIRMARY.— Assistant House Surgeon. Salary, £30 per
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help to which they applied: First, the casualty surgeon ; and
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B.A., Gonv. and Cai.: Bowes, B.A., Gonv. and Cai. ; Broadbent^
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Canon Sale, uncle of the bridegroom, and the Rev. Canon Richard-
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finds their cause in a general tendency to the displacement
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cations to the Chairman of the Medical Board by June lith.