Philip L. Peterson, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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of Sylvius, facial nuclei in the pons, hypoglossal nuclei in the medulla, etc.).
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temporary weakness of an arm or leg, and similar symptoms. The prodro-
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hypnotizable persons the mere closure of the eyes and the remark, " Now go
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are associated with states of great mental excitement, the commitment to a
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vogue. The practical deduction is evident that we should not use for injec-
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are not uncommon — headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal
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Ctoneral Eemarks — London School of Homoeopathy — Homoeopathic Institu-
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roots and the cord, and we have learned to recognize, especially in pachy-
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q. Vent - the opening frm the cloaca to the outside of the body.
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^or tfift vith dirty or broJ^a ■baUa, tba ttaaftaxtU of
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?t r^t'oSJ^c^ * r^**^^ t^perature range of 50" to 113^F. with optimum growth
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the muscular regions supplied by the medulla are attacked by a rapidly
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Osteology. Second year — ^Anatomy and Dissection, Histology, Phy-
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SIL .nSS.^ dIagraBK. printouts, case prohlei^, tables,
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" cold-water cure " may be cautiously tried, but we should not expect either
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sary. On the other hand, in numerous cases of herpes zoster, Head and Camp-
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time, or we may observe symptoms of irritation of the unstriped muscles
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Noblemen, sons of Noblemen, Baronets, Doctors in the three Faculties,
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myotonia." x Apparently the disease is very infrequent, but a considerable
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There is an acute form, with pain in the epigastrium, headache, nausea,
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epithelial cells in the loops are enlarged, and the protoplasm in these cells,
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Frederic Woodward, Vice-President of the University, Harper Memorial Library,
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cularis progressiva of Heller; Atrophia musculorum lipomatosa of Seidel). —
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this is meant — " The application of anatomical facts to the investiga-
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Embryology ;" " Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory," by Drs.
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6B. Clinical Course at the Central Free Dispensary. — Topic: Diabetes. Limited to
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neuritis"). In severe, and especially in acute, cases the parenchymatous and
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presenting variety of symptoms and points of comparison and con-
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that is beginning. The child looks pale, has a poor appetite, grows thin, is
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25. Orthopodic Clinic at the Cook County Hospital. — Clinical course, with special
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tion occurs in women and men, somewhat more rarely in the latter, and almost
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what should be considered as normal and what as abnormal. For practical
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true motor disturbances — i. e., true paralysis of the external ocular muscles
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In some the sexual element plays a prominent part. Delusions of marital
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comes a sane interval before the two attacks recur. In continuous circular
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3MJ »e pajWMqMt^aad aq Am suou^^ 'suo^ueo ps^eD^qe^^Ld ^uo^De^ (2)
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!w ^aUer fish, A good inspection tool to reneaber is "the 4arger