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came general that the only way to secure a remedy was by

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By what routes may infection reach the pelvic peritoneum ? When

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aconite and belladona. Then after a few doses of this, give fever mix-

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These electives will be of five kinds, including (a) instruction m

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''"^aZl '"™' ^-I^- ^-'-^^ ^«*^- Professor of Con,.,arati.e

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the third stage, in this the dyspnoea is very marked, in his efforts to get

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dation processes. Over-activity of the thyroid, on the other

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tioning Congress and State Legislatures to; felt by the American Medical Association

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To the great Italians of the early renascence we owe far more

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Clinical lectures given contemporaneously at the M.G.H. and B.C.H.

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in entire males.: When the bowel passes through a rupture of the

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Walter Charles Allen, s.b. (Univ. of Rochester) 1911.

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casing till they lose the power of co-ordination, stagger and go down,

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Frost Bites. — Cold applications are the best, gradually applied.

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larger than usual. Inning a diameter of as much as 1 centimeter. The

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very explicit, and the author has inserted some new methods of

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the ward and out-patient departments. Kacb student attends thirty-two

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Treatment. — Therapeutical treatment would depend largely on the

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lie the delusion under which the whole case;; had taken place externally, or that any at-

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Dr. Brefney O'Keilly, surgeon to the SS. Ifafa, was at

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Detailed study in special subjects in physiology. Such study will

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aggregate of the diversified environment to which our friend

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doubts which will be converted into negative certainty when

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oped very fast, will be red; but if as usual, slowly, then it will be serous

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;rcise at all; We think counter irritation is good. Prof. Robertson

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Clinical exercises. Dr. Covtles. (B.S.H.) At stated intervals. 3-4

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him. The post-mortem examination (Necropsy No. 1108) was made two hours

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Anatomy. Assistant Professor J. Warren, and assistants.

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" soundly flogged," and repetitions of the ; accuse some person of having injured your

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self, provided that under no circumstances such patient comes

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Medicine 4. Half-courses, all day, throughout the year.

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THEODORE W .^l.Y,M.J^., Fellow in Pediatrics, 374 Marlborough St.

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