galvanic current, one electrode back of the neck, the other over

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nosis, and treatment of each case. These exercises and clinical demon-

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at his disposal. Students requiring aid should visit the Director as soon as

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revolted colonies of 'New England, many adherents of the

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The most accomplished surgeon should en- : guage cured. Certain remedies have been

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to make more than a generic diagnosis from the ova alone and since

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7T'xv^v""Z ^"""'"^' ^•^- (^-^^'-^^-^ ^^d Jefferson Coll.) 1908.

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Noel G. Monroe, A.B., Austin Teaching Fellow in Histology and

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November, and December, and both mornings and afternoons in January.

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the double respiratory is less marked than in heaves. Asthma is a func-

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Taylor, Clifton Clark, a.b. {Dartmouth Coll.) 1912, Bridgeport, Conn.j

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subject to the approval of the Faculty. The student's credit may be based

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lood. The mucous, membranes become congested and dark, and towards

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likely to run ten or fifteen days; but as too severe treatment may cause

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cate the last rib in the flank; if there are any feathers there remove them;

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The laboratory practice is designed to acquaint the student Avith some

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supervision. The mornings will be taken up with teaching in the various

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, ■ r ■ I ^^^"' ^'^ point of correct history it mav not he unin-

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Semeiology. — In horses and cattle there are two forms that are

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chusetts General Hospital. The instruction is given daily each after-

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and energetic associations for mutual improvement and pro-

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get a return of the pulse to its normal condition. The aconite has no

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the poultice and use white lotion; this hardens the cells and it fills over

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competent to perform this work. In the words of Maitland

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been admitted Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edin-

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stimulated the others to improvement. So would this ; all

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ciation, also a JSTova Scotian, and the ablest practitioner in the

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is a Bacillus, and they say it resembles the Bacilli of Tuberculosis, except

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my observation. The patient was referred to me by the family

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which case the purchasers would probably give good prices

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In order to be a successful surgeon, it is necessary to have a thorough

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Surgery 5. Operative Surgery. Quarter-course, afternoons, for one

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February first two students will be received for periods of not less than

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the surrounding tissue. If cut across the lung it is black, or the bloo

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in differences of opinion both as to the specific identity of A mccba found

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