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to discover the point at which the obstruc- : a perforation was discovered in the conclud-
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Atrophy, or the two combined; at any rate it is a contraction and hard-
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mal action is called orthophoria, and the abnormal hetero-
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hundreds of photographs taken from nature and reproduce
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the vagina; in doing this you will require a distender (repeller), and then
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surd. In mild climates Variola runs a mild course, ' except that of the
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never in the sporadic form. As a rule when you find an adhesion be-
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thrax carcass; and the same way by stings of bees and other insects. Tl
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Ashburn found a leucocyte count of 15,GO0. Not enough differential
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ernment, of establishing a pernvanent settlement, and strong
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the basis of repre entation on the board, and all such detail for
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and the use of lard, or you may use an antiseptic lotion.
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short husky cough* If they are running at large, the affected animals
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William Potter Buffum, Jr., a.b. (Brown Univ.) 1909.
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Chronic Indigestion. — Known as Dyspepsia in man; is a funct-
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Treatment. — -Different kinds, with, more or less success, usually less.
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Nissen, Harry Archibald, a.b. (Univ. of So. Dakota)
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disinfectant for instruments and hands, but a valuable deter-
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admit the truth of the observation when their attention is
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drainage, sewerage, removal of garbage, disinfefetion. It is not
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lady had got married and had a child at term, the labor was
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places for their care. It was the opinion of the meeting that
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strychnine three times a day; may increase to -sV, -hs or A of a gr. , but
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struction is not far removed from the rectum, ' Supposing a tumour to be found, our dif-
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sublimate, and add aqua to make three gallons in all. Apply to scabby pai
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by means of forceps and scissors leaves a small ulcer with steep margins and a
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C. Shattuck gave twenty-five thousand dollars for the establishment of a
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ated. Any clew by which the authorship of an essay is made known to
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phlet ; the Announcements of the several Departments ;
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they are kept long on hay or grain.' In severe cases there will be lameness
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of the American Medical Society in Paris,) was approved.
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register their names at the office of the Dean of the Graduate School of
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lirookline. These clinics afford ample material for a comprehensive study
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number of drawings suitable for reproduction, will be required.
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make up your mind that it is a very serious case. Occasionally the discharge