The cases in the first two series were examined uniformly at all

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depends upon an inherited peculiarity of the structure of the skin.

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had numerous attacks, lasting from a few minutes or hours to several

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It recurred in 1909 and 1910. The erythema was severe, especially on the feet

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often introduced insidiously. In individuals who lead sedentary

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stenosis exists without any murmur. Strange to say, these are the

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gering gait. At the time of admission she was unable to walk alone, was able

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and by stasis, especially iuthe lungs. The paroxysm of cardiac asth-

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toward the neighboring glands and, owing to the infiltration in and

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affecting either the uterus or its neighborhood, the rectum or the

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are printed, along with the data for the fourteen younger children, in

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the sac and perhaps a shrinkage of the tumor. By the pressure of

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cough, chilly feelings and pains in the chest. The patient had on entrance no

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decrease in the amplitude of the excursion. The tone was frequently lowered,

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the venous blood direct, as recommended by Van Slyke, and found that

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of the arms, after the manner of the exercises of children at school.

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i bese subjects had been walking about without doing any real work before blood

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the sectional interruption of the continuity of the elastic fibres, which

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lying within the interauricular septum, was termed the ventricular

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reading occurred in five cases, in four of which there was marked

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100 c.c. blood. The index of urea excretion (McLean) on March 7 was

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tion for September 17 to 24 was 4.07 gm., equivalent to 0.3 pound

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single group. Of the 814 pellagrins with onset before 1914 who sur-

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negro men and even when engaged as cooks and waitresses it is cus-

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occasional hyaline casts. The phenolsulphonephthalein elimination was 40 per

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1. Hektoen, L. : Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1907. xlix. 1071.

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c.c. 5 per cent, filtered lithium carmin, a toxic dose that killed the

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measured by dietary tests, is disturbed in much the same way as is

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and the second method was used for the determination of the intervals

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Further Studies in the Inactivation of Pepsin. The Effect of Vari-