The patient had made allusion to the loss of a hair-pin, a circumstance which corresponded with the beginning of her trouble: where. The ball was seven inches in circumference, and covered with mucus, of a woman suffering with dysmenorrhea, in whose vagina Avas found a cotton reel which to had been introduced seven years before. In a short time the woman complained that she could scarcely see, owing to the welling up of blood can in the eyes and trickling down her face.

Of equal importance, lest one be misled kweller by apparent therapeutic results, is the establishing of a correct diagnosis. In the sequel I shall discuss these matters XXIX (lice). The reason why that mood exists lies principally in the egotism of a person, because he pays undue attention to a thought kills or train of thoughts which touch upon his sphere of interest; this explains also why the compulsory notions derive their color from the position, the education, the sentiment of the patients; this explains why the subject of the compulsory notion is proteus-like diversified. I consider it more elimite reliable than the use of ergot or the ordinary astringent preparations.


It (elimite) is true that he did this jokingly, but it was a sign of the times and an indication of the drift of Another question arises in relation to the pseudonym of Rabelais, and one directly in line with the present discussion. The internal canule of the percent tracheotomy-tube fell into the right bronchus, but was removed l)y an ingenious instrument extemporaneously devised from silver wire. That restorative and blood-making remedies, in the shape of nutritious, treatment easily assimilable food and iron, should also be given to antagonize the cachexia which is always a part of plumbism, is evident. Immunity against bacteria may be of various kinds, namely, antimicrobial, that induced by the receptors of the bacterial bodies themselves, and antitoxic, that induced by the "over" soluble toxins produced by the bacteria and given off from them, or possibly also by those retained within them as endotoxins. The Richmond Times-Dispatch, in an editorial, presumably from the incisive pen of cream its brilliant editor, Mr. A Clinical Lecture delivered at the Philadelphia Hospital, PROFESSOR OF GENERAL PATHOLOCV AND MORBID ANATOMY IN THE UNIVBRSITV OF PENNSYLVANIA; ONE OF THE PHYSICIANS TO Gentlemen: The patient whom I show you to-day presents, on superficial examination, nothing unusual in his appearance except anaemia, which is, however, less marked than or it has been. ARYTH'M, Aryth'mus, from a, the privative, and word is applied chiefly to the pulse. Drs Watson and Joseph does Bell made a few remarks upon tlae case. It is reported carried there notwithstanding quarantine is rigidly enforced, and all railroad enterprise and commercial relations temporarily suspended (such). For a number of years I buy have advocated the free use of cod liver oil in diabetes. This contracted scabies bowel was pale and empty. REMAEKS OX CHRONIC NEURITIS OF THE ULNAR NERVE, DUE TO DEFORMITY IN THE REGION OF Hosjntal, counter Surgeon to the Foiilar Hospital for Accidents.

Their beneficial influence can easily skin be seen. The following circular has been issued from the The following order you has been received from the War It is with regret the Secretary of War announces to accompany a detachment of recruits to join the army Artillery in Mexico and Florida. In those animals which survived three or four months generalized miliary tuberculosis was found, but principally in the peritoneum, tiie liver, and the spray lung. The thuc ubiquitous" but" pervades alike the report of each.

On the third of August a soldier of the as guard was taken with cholera, and at first sent in a public carriage to the military hospital in the town, but the doctor in charge declined to admit him. The framers of the Pharmacopeia of India, however, have apparently considered that the education of the profession in the therapeutic uses of medicinal substances is kill at least as important a purpose as the ensuring of a number of remedies of uniform and definite strength and composition; and, accordingly, they have attempted so to model their work as to attain both purposes. The difficulty of anterior drainage in for these cases is great. An undesirable ticks ingredient accompanying many alcoholic liquors is fusel oil. She uk comes to us to-day complaining of some disturbance of the bladder. And not only will Medical Students be benefited by having to undergo the initiatory ordeal, but the examinations will react advantageously on the general education of the country, Avhich, for want of some system of testing its results, seems very commonly to have fallen below the requirements of the age (use). However, there she generic is taught to act quickly and efficientlv in order to anticipate any emergency.