partition open at the top to the air of the staircase. Running

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Barton, G. P., M.E.C.S.Kng., appointed Medical Officer for theSubdistrict

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tion of the direct pyramidal trac-ts. This extended down to the area of

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so that they may be readily accessible from the inside of a

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deduced from the above quotation is plainly this : that there-

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removed to the City Hospital, where he is progressing favourably. The

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force. The uncertified deaths occurred mostly in the ex-

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2. Insufficient clothing ; no provision to meet diurnal vari-

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fact that his visits were known to have been so frequently

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Liverpool ; Dr. c. E Kelly, Worthing. Ij Mr. R. C. Lucas, London;

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suggest thiit the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the British Medical

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to the outer hall of Poupart's ligament, and three fingers' breadth in-

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Patient complains of great pain, but can open her mouth a

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fiefore giving the reasons for their conclusion, the distinction

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" Sanitary primers " may not be " acceptable " to the English

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vigour of thought and the force and eloquence of language-

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and an immense concourse of the general public. Funeral

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week by week to the provincial newspaper press by the letter-

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very exact researcbes of Gottlieb" and of Anselm', who

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Scegeon-Ma.ioe S. H. Browne, M.D., Bengal Establishment, Principal of

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in these matters. Indeed, in this same case of meaieal ,.

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hesitated to point out where we differ from our author, and

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the service of the Society, and the management, under the

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administrative reasons which have at this moment a pecu-

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generally, putting the estimate much lower than many sta-

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of which 1 informed them, and they at once requested me to perform it.

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dominal pain and distension, diarrhcpa, tenesmus, with mucus

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J. H. Tonking, M.B., Camborne ; Sir G. Trevelyan, London ; Dr. G. B.

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mate goal in army medical reform, yet, pending further

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Mr. Gary N. Calkins. After the organisms have been filtered

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tically to the same contents. It is simply a little extended


On March 9th — seven weeks after she was first seen —

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one of the public vaccinators there, is threatened with suniiiiary dis-

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nounce sentence before hearing- the verdict of this very