nth the swelling on the outside, same as in cattle. You wijl find ex-

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ence of Dr. W. H. Thompson is so convincing, and the results

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35, the next greatest, 12, between the ages of 45 and 55 years.

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prevalence of animal parasites among the Filipinos.

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or January, but no student will be admitted to this examination until he

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sometimes it is not only during life that it is difficult to dis-

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* In organic chemistry college half-courses of good grade may be accepted if satisfac-

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views (possibly heretical) upon the Eelations of Medicine and

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minutes at 70° C, whereas the haemolytic power was retained.

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6. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the larynx.

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acute; but in portions of the body — as hip, shoulders, etc., they are in-

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In this department instruction is given in Anatomy, Comparalive Anat-

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Augustus Thorndike, M.D., Associate in Orthopedic Surgeo-y.

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students and for various kinds of special technical work. There are unit

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table shows the amounts of venom required to agglutinate 1 cubic centi-

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unclean instruments; in the course of a few hours after the operation, the

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consists of six hours of lectures to the entire class, and of twelve labora-

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deed a revelation of the possibilities of organotherapy. This

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of exercise, medicines, baths, diversion, etc., with the nurse.

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. The use of the curette should be absolutely discarded in the

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J. Herbert Young, M.D., Alumni Assistant in Clinical Medicine.

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parasites, such as the amoebae, flagellata (trypanosomes, the parasites of

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accessory sinuses of the nose is an exceedingly common occur-

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; very easy to kill with this drug. After the fever subsides give tonics

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could have free access to the habu and so had facilities for collecting the

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nurse a limited number of private cases outside of the hospital,

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Beasley, Albert Sidney, Jr., a.b. (Lincoln Univ.) 1915,