a slip of the pen at page iSi, Shakespeare and Ben Jonson are stated
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The Annual Report of the York Lunatic Asylum for the Year ending
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On the tksirability of making Examinations more definite in tluir
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fame on tlie other. You will strive, as thoroughly equipped scientific
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clinique of the Maternity Hospital by the addition of the large experi-
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throat or rectum, would be instantly treated. He only appealed to the
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a patliological condition of tliat organ of great importance, hitlierto, I
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pendent member. One or two private Bills have been already spoken
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the Indian Medical College, Cincinnati, on the Mortality in the Lying-
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That the age of twenty-one be the earliest age at which a Candidate
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chloroform ten hours. In some cases of aneurism, the tumour had dis-
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in other parts of the country. The example will strike terror, but its
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She then looked rather pale and anemic, but the wound was firmly
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The Rev. Dr. Bell : Well, I will propose an amendment, carried
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each month (except August and September), and no name can be re-
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knowledge, or that, in other words, appropriate measures can be taken
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from irritation of the mucous membrane of the digestive canal, im-
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don; Dr. C. O. Marriott, Sevenoaks ; Dr. Wardell. Tunbridge Wells; Captain
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ment should be classified under three divisions: I. That intended to
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affection of it in the fever to assume this inflammatory form?
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ting-room. — Two Courses of Lectures are given yearly — the first com-
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track of the nerves, it is not easy for the observer to be deceived.
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Students of the Hospital); q, one course, £\ 4s.; ;-, one course, £\ is.
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them amenable to ordinary treatment : that is to say, the diarrhcea
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any one gifted with supereminent talent for the emjiloymcnt he may
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Case of femoral yliieurism Cured by Rapid Pressure. By John Rus-
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compression of the minute nerves ui the alveolar process by the en-
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the uneasiness and pain to an unbearable extent; for, in my experience,
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confined. The patient was heavy and stupid. The urine was pale, of
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head, if not by his brains ; but it must be remembered that from a like
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in other parts of the country. The example will strike terror, but its
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instructive case; for, as Mr. Spencer Wells says, "practically the exact
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and congratulating the committee of the institution in having so good
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cess by which water could be pumped from sewage by the addition
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matic gout, and one of sciatica and neuralgia. The Turkish bath was,
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tions of the public medical service in foreign countries. Meantime, it
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had the honour to be in practice as a physician), numerous cases came
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