Habits: Tobacco in moderation. Has never used alcohol. Gonor-

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high proportion of the population shows hookworm infection, severe

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ation from this disease — condemn it; if there is calcification and no ulcer-

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with the assurance of the deep sympathy of | lace, Berks do. ; Isaac R. Walker, Chester

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Inneren Krankheiten. Emerson, Clinical Diagnosis. Sahli, Diagnostic

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In very bad case treat on general principles; reduce the inflammation, J

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special branches have been established in connection with the out-patient

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New York City, 4 from Connecticut, 3 from Massachusetts,

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Dr. S pence's motion for a popular vote was then ruled out of

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tle and pigs frequently recover; horses — very seldom, may say never.

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Austin Fellowships. Six teaching fellowships, of five hundred dol-

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Third Tear. — Lectures are given at the Medical School, and clinical

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through the small intestines all right, but will lodge 'in the large ones,

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the chancre was diagnosed as an angina gangrenosa.* Chancre

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inspector, and the assessments are dealt with by a committee of the

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The Psychopathic Ifospital. — This is the receiving hospital of the

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Laboratory course in Surgical Therapeutics, Professor Gushing and

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with biliary matter. These congestions, and we speak of them usually

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intention, then you may put in a glass or rubber eye for appearance. In