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parenchyma cell and even larger, roundish bodies of this color; these are, of course,
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Female Pelvis and Fetal Head, Obstetrical Table, Diet List, Materials and
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Eserine is very good in this case; many try it with nothing else, but I
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Text-hooks. — Stohr's Histology, 6th edition, edited by F. T. Lewis.
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be studied histologically, and the chief biological and pathogenic charac-
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Campho Phenique; it is a regular preparation in the U. S. P., and is an
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Society of the State of Pennsylvania to relate his experience
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Medical School. During the first half of the course the student will lodge
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with which he is acquainted, have been en terribly," this he (Dr. Bell) thought was
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Harvard Medical School and in the Huntington Hospital. Robert B.
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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year course offered in
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ignorant persons who examined the child, ? though scarcely worthy of notice, suggests
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food and water; this will also apply to all irritating diseases of the kid-
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tle and pigs frequently recover; horses — very seldom, may say never.
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3. J. Riddle Goffe, American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women-
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received. .'sparkling wit, his fine literary taste, the
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which was believed to be an important factor in the excessive mortality.
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is sometimes heard in broken horses. It is due to the chronic thickening
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cation to individual cases of such graphic methods of study. This course
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exercised a specific influence upon the nature and production of disease
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successive generations of the organism, the infections become milder.
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ophylactic treatment is to turn the animals out into the field. Many
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to such purchases. Those not thus j)rovided may rent miscroscopes at four
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organism. It would appear that it is impossible to render the
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other "parts, except on the teat, where it is oblong parallel with the teat;
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Chronic Diarrhcea Treatment. — The first thing is regulation of