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— he has touched upon everything, and all he has touched he
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the mouth is also foetid. About two or three days after the disease sets in,
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Second, the pneumatic apparatus, the lungs and the air passages, .
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tion to the regular work, each student must make a special investigation
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Occasionally we find that the increase in the thickness of the walls
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it is secreted. Before operation, pass the blade of your knife through a
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babean acts on the spinal cord, especially that portion which presides over
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weaker ones to the edges of the place where they fed, and so these got less
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handed to the Director of Scholarships on or before December 10th.
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Manila, exceedingly few, in the absence of malaria and other anaemia-
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Treatment of ephemeral fever:— The chill is the first thing to bear
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the external ocular muscles do not act normally. The nor-
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us to establish the diagnosis, will sometimes start absorption
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it may arise as an original lesion, in which case we usually see it more
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soreness, and is prone to run into abscesses — may be one large or a
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position, but its common history is that in from five to twelve days,
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tion of the nostrils, flapping of the false nostrils, flanks will heave, and
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be repaid on returning the locker keys. At the end of the course any,
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tated to attribute a new disease, which had never previously been noticed,
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Treatment.— It is good practice to clip off the hair and wash it, but
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where his natural qualifications, scholastic attainment, prac-
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rub so freely after the first application. Mustard is very good, handy
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whole can be classed under Dietetic. Generally, feeding is too bulky,