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especially as, from a perusal of the informa- S from several of the parties concerned, as

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sert into the opening; germs wont grow in lard, and as it is an antisep-

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is desirable to have this food prepared at a laboratory

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mus of the bladder — it is awfully painful. A person doesn' t usually suf-

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68. He was graduated from Victoria University in 1863.

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of the causes. Give the differential diagnosis from other causes of

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Two clinical lectures a week, illustrating the lesions studied in the

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bowels acted after a large enema had been given, and fresh

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reduce the supply of blood to the cord, give small repeated doses of ergot,

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out the cannula part way and insert the trocar in another direction; I

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Wm. Harvey or Oliver Goldsmith at graduation? History

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This course is given in the pathological laboratory of the Massachusetts

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who wish to review past studies and for those v/ho wish to keep abreast of

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4. What happens when nitric acid is added to a sodium chloride

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There will be two kinds of examinations, general and practical. Two

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10 grs. to the ounce water. Use this once or twice a day. Borax may

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Worthington." "Dr. Benedict, of the^from attempting their removal at the first

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of obtaining information. He hoped those present would

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strations are given to the students in groups at certain State institutions.

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and Guy C. Cabot gave six thousand dollars to establish the James

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holt '^"tr?""' ^^'-"^"'"ay of Muscle. Professor Porter Three

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Adrian Stevenson Taylor, m.d. (Univ. of Virginia) 1905.

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DoxALD M, Glover, A.B., Assistant in Histology and Embryology.

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mass became infected with staphylococci, just as the sebaceous

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some extent, under the protective influence j what can be shown to be true of the Vienna

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Lectures or recitations. Professors Grekn and Graves, Assistant Pro-