normal and pathological anatomy. Students may have access to these
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condition in which there is anaemia, loss of flesh, lassitude, emaciation,
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is neutral, or may be either. There are two acids in the urine — Uric and
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lice, and remove the cause. Feed them better; kill the lice with kerosene
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cellular tissues of the body; other times it seems to be intimately mixed'
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whole of the ovary, part being left healthy. This is usually produced
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Summer Vacation, from Commencement to September 24, inclusive
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There is one other fact in our social life to consider, and that
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1. Notification. — The main difficulty has been that the Chinese will
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bad <>d<>r arising from an ulcerated surface
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illustrations in black and white and two colored plates. The
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lirious, become pugnacious, and want to fight everything — even im-
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more obtained their meals and the fact that rarely ever more than one case
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and administer anesthesia. He will obtain abundant experience in traum-
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himself with a number of the more representative types and species of
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While all courses are intended primarily (or those who hold degrees
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assistants. Whole course, first half-year, at hours to be arranged
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Perrt, Worthington, and Everett. Two to three hours daily
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Medical Acts of Upper and Lower Canada. The Medical Act
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Repeat this treatment if necessary. The text book says where this fails,
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Studies in Pyroplasmosis Hominis. ("Spotted Fever" or "Tick Fever" of
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