Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered

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Philadelphia College of Physicians' banquet. . . . 3T0

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for the material of the present building. Another idea is to

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left side of the neck from the ear downwards, which had been

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; effects of stimulating the vasoconstrictor nerves of any particular organ?

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bone is stronger at the point it was fractured after healing than it was

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Lacey,Walter Maurice, A. B. ( PF^7/^ams Co//.) 1908, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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* Arranged, with tlie exception of the President and Dean, on the basis of collegiate

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Clinical Medicine 1. Half-courses, all day, throughout the year.

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years before, and therefore did not belong to my specialty, I

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Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy mast fulfil certain

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present in the tissues; there is considerable pain and photo-

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males : the preponderance, common to all ages, is vastly greater

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Office, Room 386, Building D I, Medical School. Office hours, Mon-

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tucky, with an abstract, which latter was I heretofore considered beyond the Resources

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the eyes to take a cylinder without variation of angle.

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tinctly heard, by auscultation, as a rasping sound. Vascular Tumors

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Case II. Living cultures were used and inoculated intravenously in

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in this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates.

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and above it, was a tumor as large as a hen's egg, tender and appar-

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there are not complaints that subscribers do i one. All France and Great Britain together

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live more generouslv than cowboys, need very much less food

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galy, found exaggeration of the functions of the pituitary at-

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The pleura was involved in all cases, the involvement consisting in