they may be themselves combined in different groups or taken in combina-

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medicine of the people. It is taken in cases of specific disorders, such

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ever to do with producing the miscarriages. The author still

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views every topic conceivable except his ills. At stated

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Black Smallpox is not susceptible to treatment; ninety- nine out of a

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lent to virulent bacteria may take place. In experiments with organism?

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. It would seem as if the presence of even a very small

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Mr. r resident and Gentlemen, — I have to thauk you for

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more or less fever; in an uncomplicated case there will be no Dyspnoea.

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constituents of it which are close to the ones of the red blood corpuscles.

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Treatment for Amaurosis. — Only rational treatment, as nux vomi-

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an outbreak there is never so severe as where it has been absent for a

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Any student who fails three times in a general examination will he

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1. Retroversion of the uterus: most common causes, symptoms,

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Mr. Morris. Two and. one-half hours five times a week. ^UU

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quently. Methods of dilatation fall naturally into two groups :

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of the symptoms of Pleurisy; sometimes it attacks the trunk nerves, more

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aPDlvinl f °'''7"P'/'"3 g™'»i«^« "e awarded to such men among those

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Administrative Board to such courses as they are qualified to take.

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For two-thirds of the cases no cause was assigned. The

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record of his experiments and observations in a laboratory note-book.

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upon to take an active part will be given in the amphitheatre of the Peter

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Cummins Loretta Joy, m.d. {Tufts Med. Sch.) 1903, Allston

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strenuous endeavor, impossible and unknown, except b}' the

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Beginning with 1906, special students, not candidates for the degree of