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h. As to what concerns the second object of treatment, viz., the

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hoarser and the cough has a croupy sound. In the night the child

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rather than the direct consequence of gouty disorder.

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Impaired mobility of the parts is naturally a prominent feature of

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same relation. The excess of acid is the result of increased meta-

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we do not mean to say that he comes into the world suffering from it,

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How is the inflammation of the fibrous and serous tissues induced?

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it to more than a minority of the total cases of rheumatic chorea.

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tion of these. The result is its degeneration. Such a kidney, seen macro-

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in the diet of these patients below what is absolutely necessary in

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should be large and frequently repeated for one or two days.

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fer severely with migraine so long as they indulge in the use of these

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creas is left in tlie body a slight form of diabetes ensues in which the

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could be got regarding her antecedents. The delirium was remark-

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into urea, or whether the undoul)tedly good effects of manual labor,

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bing, lancinating i^ain of a whitlow. It differs from the pain of acute

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troubles might thus be induced there can be no doubt ; but that acute

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metatarsal joints stand first ; then follow those about the heel, the

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pollution of our water supply with human dejections. Stomach

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process of an abscess by opening into it, and giving exit to the pent

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certain authors regarded this as belonging to the class of rheumatic

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become the victims of fear, and to experience in their imagination all

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of heart faihire is over, a distinctly tonic treatment is called for.

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sumed. In the severest, but verj'- rare, cases, the urine does not be-

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ment. This he cannot escape except by change of habitation. It

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Dry seborrhea is a very common affection of the scalp known as

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surface as the depressing action of the cold on the system which are

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by the schizomycetes, which are always so abundantly present in the

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been at times accompanied or followed by an acute nephritis. The fact,

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forms of glycosuria occurring in obese or gouty subjects. For these

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force in support of this view, for identical anomalies of absorjjtion

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markably in time, to the surprise of the medical attendant A\ho has