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I found her sitting up in her chair, I thought her the very pic-

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developing a high degree of interest in the advancement

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versity that of LL.D. He was ordained a minister of the Baptist

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monly speak of a " chronic anchylosing spond}ditis," but possibly we should

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and urination ; no expectoration, — in fact, all the symptoms of

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lungs at the outdoor poor department of Bellevue Hospital, holding

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place, forcing the patient to stiffen himself to keep them

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geon made each divided extremity of the nerve penetrate a

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On the 28th of May Dr. Gallison of Franklin saw the case,

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ten. The injury was received over the dorsal vertebrae. My

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style, that the reader feels himself sufficiently identified, for the

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association with the medical fraternity of New York City for more

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The Principles and Practice of Gynecology. By Thomas A. Emmet, M.D.,

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of the diaphysis : a clear aperture of entry, an aperture of

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to the consideration of the etiology, and some practical points

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the average duration of acute articular rheumatism is not very

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half an hour. On admission she was in a state of profound

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Alumni Association of the Hahnemann Medical College of

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cerns us. It is indeed natural enough to suppose that rickets in childhood

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only perceptible to the fingers, very often it can be heard.

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the theoretic basis of her profession, belongs so entirely lo

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Wounded men, either singly or collectively, are attacked

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" The Electro-Therapeutics of Menstrual Anomalies and Ovar-

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The loss of cerebro-spinal fluid, of broken-down cerebral

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tastes, and I well remember a certain hot-bed at Sai.

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in the liver in pernicious anaemia is much larger than normal. The most

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and as concise as I am able to state them. Indeed, the reasons

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citable, so that comparatively slight external influences suffice to increase

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the subjective sensations, and the mental perversions, with their

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one draught, nearly a tumblerful of a concentrated solution of

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lime she applied herselfstudiously, and received a thorough