night and morning, keep up poultices for three or four weeks, if the skin
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By the discovery of small structures associated with the
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with any medicine which possesses the*, emetic of sulphate of zinc was first given
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with the Dean will entitle the student to the use of a locker in the School
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A communication from the Business Com- , that the Association be farther adjourned to
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" The Americans have made rapid advances in medicine and
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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year course offered in
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Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore ; Formerly Professor of the Insti-
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Bell's cases proved fatal." Dr. Ray then j ^ent formed one of the class described by
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laboratories of the department, and will carry on their studies with the
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B.W.I. ; Robertson, A. R, Victoria ; Robertson, B. W., St. John
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self? Is it an omental tumour pressing upon to exhibit one or two full doses of calomel
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been discharged. j was performed at two distinct places by Mr.
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This fund remained as an anonymous gift until 1908, when by vote of
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Those seeking inforn.ation about the Medical School should inquire
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Hamilton, on the 6th of March, 1904. He informed me that
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and other attributes of a strong, well-balanced mind so neces-
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dence of having pursued such courses is presented to the Dean. No
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than in adults, and in females than in males. Hence it would appear
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ters of the microorganisms investigated. At the same time attention will
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The study of the skeleton is carried on with the dissection, and each stu-||
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the chief and essential symptomatic manifestation of which is
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o-loves, a pair of rubber ones, and a pair of cotton ones over
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surgery since Lister's propaganda have led to the serious pro-
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Dermatology and SypMlis 2. Quarter-courses, forenoons, October,
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After two failures to pass in any subject, a student must give notice