^ Students are required not to engage as hospital assistants during term

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We remarked at the time that the meeting of the Associa-

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all methods which may be considered in the treatment of con-

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The predominance of the American graduates, numerically,

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In the final marking much account will be taken of the daily practical

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tor of the Laboratory of Hygiene, LTniversity of Pennsylvania. Seventh

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well as those in low positions, drew from his pen this reply:

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are to judge the time they took in forming, so as to be able to give tes-

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standing. A minimum of one year in residence shall be required of all

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2 Esteros are arms of the deltas of the Philippine rivers which are subject to

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in Porto Rico is a consequence that three drugs were of value,

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during the years 1893 to 1898 he saw ten cases of rupture of the spleen. A sum-

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Treatment. — Change the hygiene; sometimes it is due to disease of

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dollars, is from a bequest of six thousand dollars by Claudius Marcellus

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the left elbow. It appears that while at sea, but the radius was movable on the humerus ;

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in this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates.

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ce a month. The name Moon Blindness was given it because many

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pimples filled with water, pus or other contents. The different kinds

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Goodwin, Harold Merle, a.b. (Bates Coll.) 1908, Lincoln, Me.

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to chronic Bright's disease. Now, my belief is that if we can

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whatever comes in the way, and will sometimes chase animals. On the

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