admissible as safe and proper for medicine | to be used for medicinal purposes.

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Indicated by Hemolysis of the Red Blood Cells when Treated

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Frank B. Mallory, M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology .

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operations. Each student is required to follow and report on some special

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clinics and hospitals of Boston are utilized extensively for clinical

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Walter M. Boothby, M..T>., Lecturer in Anaesthesia.

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ism, and that in the local treatment of any eye condition one

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and such original investigation as the time permits. A study of the litera-

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The present illness began quite suddenly in January, 1902.

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in the pathological conditions met with in death following injury, and in

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Biochemistry 1. Research in Biological Chemistry. Half-courses, fore-

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be o,ne fannhar with the simpler methods o( manipulation attdstai^

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;arcely run, and resembles tar; this is nearly diagnostic, and is invaria-

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3. If a surgeon can be had at the beginning of the attack so

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as 0.0005 cubic centimeter was inoculated, the minimal fatal dose was not

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so changed ? For all this is no swift infliction ; it signifies

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Flavelle upon the medical men associated with the other

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Jackson Cabot Fund in the Medical School. In 1912 Guy C. Cabot

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lute, enterprising men, and useful members of the community

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over 2000 years; was introduced into England in 1839, into Canada

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accomplished in this respect will, perhaps be more fully appre-

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" To patronize quackery seems nothing ; city, town, and village in Great Britain,

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pint of water — say i dr. at a time, and close the opening with a plug;

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