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legislation was improved, and an act for the collection of vital

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and January, Koom 226 will be used as a study room for purposes of review.

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Drugs play a varying part — sometimes no role at all, again a

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unity. Nearly $1,300,000 was required for the new hospital,

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achievements of meteorology, not the least / by comparing the state of the thermometer

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clearly seen in the oath which he laid upon his successors, to the

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exercises for medical students, who are admitted freely to the Out-

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Army. These cases bear considerable resemblance to those of tsutsuga-

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a primipara, the second cause was certainly not present.

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(6) Fifteen years ago a woman of 77 had had the right breast par-

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as Parinaud's conjunctivitis was treated by me. The charac-

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Class II— A. R. Curtis, H. W. Burgess, G. E. Seldon, T. C.

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Blockley Almshouse, 832 coloured persons. V j)g'JV|^j; L^5

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they have stood in the upper third of their class, (2) that one year's

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lapses are common and the neurasthenic habit becomi s almost

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its practical relations. The aim will be to give the student an opportunity

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spinal positions was twelve. Taking into consideration the

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given in the special pathology of neurology and surgery ; the courses

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companied the exhibition of the drawing. Committee.

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M.D.. Instructor in Medicine, is Physician in charge of the Hospital, and

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student of the Medical School as the Administrative Board shall annually

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tution is located in the suburbs of the city, ; penses had been incurred, and consequently

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had also joined the great majority. The medical staff then

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forming under the periosteum,. This disease occurs more in the human

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The McLean Hospital. — During the past year a daily average number