pounds during the last two years, and she has been almost free
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on. They may be required to submit reports or theses concerning obser-
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in the wards are available for a limited number of students.
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we should do in all cases of epidemic dis- '/ In Stamford's case, these principles of
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by the fact that the percentage of bodies so deposited increased very
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of the nervous system. Discuss cortical localization.
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t and spasms subside, and consciousness slowly returns. In the course
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zootic of this disease all over the world; it started on the Pacific coast
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Clinical lectures. Professor Post and Dr. Smith (B J) ^ n ^
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candidates for the degree of M.D. provided they attain an average grade
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perfect success. You will notice they were immune to small-
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mild as fairly to justify the statement that the infection is harmless,
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Thesis. " A Practical Method of Determining Carbon Monoxide in
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who develop gonorrheal conjunctivitis is comparatively small.
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B. S., female, aged 16. This patient had been nervous but
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James McKiunon, William John Mactavish, Williara C. Nickle,
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Nute, Marion, m.d. {Univ. of Michigan) 1897, Dorchester.
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treat it, it must be removed, but the sight will be destroyed — you can't
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Strathroy. Physiology and Histology — Dr. R. D. Rudolf,
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Children's Hospiial. - During the past year more than seventeen hun-
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to chronic Bright's disease. Now, my belief is that if we can
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in residence shall be required of all candidates for the degree of D.P.H.
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giving unusual space to electrical examination. The American
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neuron theory, in addition to facts proven, claimed, but did 7iot