engorged endometrium. The blood-pressure rises again, but

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Any clew by which the authorship of a dissertation is made known to

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number of the cases occurred in people who had lived in the country and

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may be complicated by iritis. The conjunctiva is at first

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Barnes, James Arthur, a.b. {Holy Cross Coll.) 1895,

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of substances within the crypts cannot very well occur. So

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relates (Westerri, Lancet) di case of intussus- (very probable that it exercises a beneficial

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The disease seems to be endemic in Northern Central Asia,

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Teachers in Medicine or Science in approved schools.

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inches long, and a female fourteen inches long were taken frdm the kid-

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It required to be separated from the great . much hope of success. Since the Ifgature,

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Moderate use of tobacco; drinks sparingly; denies venereal disease.

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Resolved, That the thanks of this Asso- \ Navy laboured, and recommended the Con-

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there is a generally diffused red surface. The first stage is very short,

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Franklin S. Newell, M.D,, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and

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Dr. Stewart read the following resolutions, i Dr. J. K. Mitchell, of Pennsylvania, call-

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their backs, as I have been taught they should be. They

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head are affected those of the limbs are usually affected, somewhat soft-

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Dr. Henderson; and of the general principles and more important facts

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Bell's cases proved fatal." Dr. Ray then j ^ent formed one of the class described by

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received. .'sparkling wit, his fine literary taste, the

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year course offered in

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chilblains, but, what is more important, it is said to Avard off,

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enforced. If at the end of that period, the acute symptoms

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The essays must be sent to the Dean of the Harvard Medical School,