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fore usually spoken of as epithelioid cells. Others are more fusiform in shape,
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function. Likewdse in myxedema a myocarditis is frequently
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manifested by urticaria, and in 3 other patients who gave posi-
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has, in the present day, as defenders of his theory, such noble
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acidified with HC1 instead of trichloracetic acid do not
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Unless defined, the term "percent" is ambiguous. It may mean
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rounded by a small zone of hemolysis. Some strains are pathogenic
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symptoms suggestive of intoxication, and the blood of an animal deprived
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Blockierung der Reizleitung in den Tawara'schen Schenkeln. Zentralb.
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which is the chief cause of the paralytic phenomena of diphtheria. On
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on Tuberculosis, and Dr. Gottschalck an equally instructive article
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are recorded as positive and all titers represent final dilution.
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water or milk, or carried by means of domestic animals, such as dogs and
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medical philosophy, resting on the dynamic origin of all maladies
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staining protozoal cysts. It is 5 gm iodine and 10 gm potassium
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water. Add phenol to make a 0.5 percent solution and
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completely from the inside of the chamber. Hydrogen or illumi-
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blue on the addition of sulphuric acid ; he assumes that this substance is pre-
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tinability. A standardized antigen should be employed.
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two techniques lies in the fact that the hemoglobin of the red
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or fourth instar larvae may be preserved for identification in
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of the cold sitz-bath in the morning, and an early tumblerful of
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Lancefield method used for extracting the group polysaccharides,
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the ensemble of the symptoms is the principal and sole object that
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Enrichment media are incubated for 16 to 18 hours and, if pri-
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2. Passive immunisation. — We must now speak of passive immu-
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increased at the time when the other indications of lung consolidation are
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a. Color. Normal urine varies from almost colorless to a dark
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until the lowest bony portion of the os sacrum is in contact with
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his physician's, who had kno\Mi him for ten years. He was
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Confluent smallpox. — The pain in the back is relieved by dry-
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(6) Bilirubin, stock standard. Dissolve 40 mg of bilirubin in
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NaOH solution. The two reagents produce a solid in the
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the organism becomes pathogenetic. The organism in its new character
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found, but occasionally other organisms. Furthermore, the streptococcus may pro-
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differentiate in 1 percent acid alcohol; rinse in tap water; blue
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toxine and albumose or toxine and globulin. When diphtheria bacilli are grown
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a. One or more of the following remarks should be included in
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all failed to react to the 1 : 100 dilution. The individual gran-
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years married, healthy and robust, experienced one day last winter a