Sub-acute are those that come on more slowly, are less severe, and

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* Students wlio were members of tlie School in 1912-i;i or eurlier will be allowed

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of numerous specimens, many of them preserved in their natural colors

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J. A. Allen, of Michigan, and asking to be - accepted and the resolutions were adopted,

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parallel wings united by an am})hitheatre. Above each ampliitheatre is a

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The percentage of bodies so found was 32.7 in 1903 as compared with

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ers may develop in from two to six weeks, so the horse never dies from

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very light infection may show but slight and ephemeral fever, very

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Duff, Paul Harrington, s.b. (Mass, Institute of Tech-

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Local Treatment. — Wash out the ear with soap and water, use a

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CHARLES M. GREEN, M.D., Professorof Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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The examinations are made according to the usual Virchow routine,

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Surgery 3. Observation of Surgical Cases. Quarter-courses, forenoons,

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December 21; January 4 to 25; January 30 to February 21 ; March

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i Treatment. — Usually a case of this kind is chronic before the doctor

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It is a single bacillus with a breadth of less than 1 fi, average length about

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"Written and practical tests. Professor Southard and assistants.

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on, soft diet, don't letgo out in' the mud.. Remove the cause the first

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Harry C. Solomon, M.D., Assistant in Neuropathology .

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When there is any tendency to seborrhea it should be

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Hospital. In this way tlie student's whole day for a month will he spent at the Cliildreu's

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Physiology 1. Half-courses, or quarter-courses, forenoons, afternoons,

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was reorganized. Up to that time the society had held all its

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No unusual efforts have been made to discover remote foci of tuber-

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an intelligent understanding of the general principles of treat-