Lectures. Professor Rotch and assistants. (H.M.S.) Once a week
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of the disease is forty per cent and upwards. The period of incubation is
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severe, and will soon pass away. If you inspect meats and see any ulcer-
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When these structures became quite quiet, then the retina
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monly employed in experiments, die from inoculation of only a small
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so changed ? For all this is no swift infliction ; it signifies
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In order that students shall review the work repeatedly as the course
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inviting the attention of the profession to | part gratify, while the more youthful among
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ing-school and to serve as a ready reference book for the nurse
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the surrounding tissue. If cut across the lung it is black, or the bloo
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whon^they may be obtained, with the sealed packet unopened if'^'dle"
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last four weeks of a half-year for no misdemeanor, but for good and suffl-
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severe and oftener fatal than in other cases. Of late years it has been
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that of odematous or of effusion, and is more or less prolonged, it may
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fading. The eyes are much injected. The tongue is dry, white in the center,
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Ms back. > Farmer Miles does not care how lie has him, but usually lays
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Neuropathology. Professor Southard. After'noons in December. 45
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slightly irregular, left greater than right, both react to distance, slightly
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<5harffed by any member of the staff for patients who pay $3.50
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seems to reappear in the city of Manila in a form which clinically
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may take one or more additional months in this course.
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majority the recovery is complete and final. In a few, usually
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'Tuberculosis, discovered by Koch in 1882. He found it in the sputa of