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R. England, Winnipeg ; Dr. R. S. Thornton, Deloraine. Quebec :

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visits every floor, accompanied by the foreman interpreter and some of

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From varicella in the confluent and semi-confluent variety

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"poly-apical," in contradistinction to one having only one apex, which

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the patients. Work in the wards may be supplemented by work in the

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which, if not an initiator, is a potent ally of other influences —

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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

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Quarter-courses occupy half the day for one month. Two quarter-

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four years, wish you all God-speed in your chosen profession,

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on a young woman who was supposed to j We understand that the doctor is preparing

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fourth stage, when the horse is coughing up parts of lung, the proper thing

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This is carried out by a European officer assisted by eight colored fore-

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10 What are the characteristic difi"erences between septic and

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take it for at least two consecutive months unless he has already had a

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The trustees have realized from their experience in hospital

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of cutting; this is the method used in most small animals — sheep, dogs,

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damage and loss of apparatus are payable to the School in accordancj

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3. Chart of the changes in virulence of cholera strain No. 3. (To accom-

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each student. The Bowditch Library of Physiology and Biological Chem-

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After Treatment. — We look upon this as being important in one