There are special services for diseases of women, of the eye, the ear, tl

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Reed, Carroll, Agramonte and Lazear. The etiology of yellow fever: A pre-

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not tend to increase it as aloes might. Sulphate magnesia is a popular

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emic Vomiting of Pregnancy, and has no hesitation in saying,

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component.'^ WhaTiTEtain?""*^ "^^ development of the chief

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Book of Obstetrics," to which it may be called a companion

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patient. Explain things ; give the patient something tangible

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Between Agglutinin, Agglutinoid, and Agglutinable Substance.. 47

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Third Year. — Instruction is given by lectures, recitations, conferences,

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from the nose like water, sometimes from one, sometimes from both nos-

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practice, with success. In one case relief first half of the monih was unusually mild,

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the Secretary has first been consulted a petition approved in writing by

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members of the !N'ova Scotia Society; a large concert in the

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regard to this degree may be had from Professor M. J. Rosenau, Chair-

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by the students, with the attending physicians and surgeons, or demon-

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.mation is reduced, is indicated. Maintain the diuretics for ten or fifteen

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invitation from Canada, has decided that Toronto will be the

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PLysicl exercise, massage, hydrotherapy, etc., applied by persons expert

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minimum proportion of a college year to be devoted to each is indicated.)

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You enter that profession presumably for two reasons:

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Eisenberg and Volk conducted their tests for only two hours at 37° C.

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