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tion, or a continued ulceration, or a hidden and lasting abscess, are not as
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Many facts are definitely against the diagnosis of tuberculosis.
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considerable fever may develop, and the temperature may rise to 104° F.,
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of conflict is chiefly, as yet, the State and city of New York, but,
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tion among the eleemosynary institutions of Europe, writes,
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also homoeopathic. The physician in chief of this grand estab-
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fulfilled those promises which the earlier observations aroused.
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The trials of this kind attempted by Frendelenburg, with a
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and sent him to the hospital for a bismuth series. His family
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ever, it is necessary to add an indicator, which reacts with a slight
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to day, and may be dicrotic. At this stage it is remarkable what a
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attention is now being directed to this subject in a vigorous man-
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physicians, of all schools, who regret exceedingly that they have
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the wounded limb disclosed an elongated tumor, situated toward
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sion which would shake the old Institute to its very foundations ?
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occur in the feces occasionally, but proglottids can be expelled by
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etc. Such methods of treatment must necessarily be uncertain, and they often
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and sickly children. The rash is profuse and dark, the skin is dotted over
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especially, gangrene may occur, with characteristic odour and destruction
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the color in 10 ml, and repeat the colorimetric measure-
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Mass., under the auspices of the Harvard Medical School Courses for Grad-
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ured by the blue-green color formed on treatment with
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but not to draw blood. On each cut is placed a small amount of
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surface of the body with the infected flesh of a cold-blooded verte-
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Treatment of Whooping-Cough with Eucalyptus. — Dr. Wittauer
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chloride with the barium compound resulting from its combination
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conspicuous chain formation may be lacking. The individual cocci
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its session of 1880, the death-rate, as I judge, is about eleven per
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with an iodine swab, and mixed with the sterile Alsever's
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Dugdale on the Jukes family in this State. Most of you are
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length of the lot is three hundred and ninety-six feet. The cost
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ing with the conditions under which alone unfailing success
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the execution of the measures given ; as we do thirdly, the
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quantity of the phosphate solution. The stains should be
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a single day late in May at a time when he drives through pine
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