debOity, sudden sinking spells occasionally take place, approaching as-
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sibility of constitution. When the friction is severer the
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by its effects as a poison, and fully developed and established by the ex-
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the herb, to the pint of water. ThQ fresh or recently dried herb should
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The fact that the K. pneumoniae isolated from animals maintained
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bean of St. Ignatius probably differ greatly in power ; at least, the latter
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Uses. The afTections in which the gas has been found most uscfulg
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come tnrbid on standing. A precipitate was slowly produced, whieUj
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This is made by incorporating soap with the lead plaster. It is a
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the same parts of the male. The breadth of the female pel-
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affections. This impoverished state of the blood may act doubly. It
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* u Of all aliments,'' 1 says Galen, " pork nourishes the most, both on
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▼ery different opinions have been given of its powers. These remarks
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sustained until this ceases or is removed, the pijtienfc may be aa%*ed. I
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eases, very efficient in the expulsion of tape-worm. He used it in the
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pnident practitioner would be justified in rdsorting, in obstinate cases of
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sons are said to have got as much inebriated with coffee as
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a healthy, but a good man. What prisoner was ever re-
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wine or other fermented liquor, and even to brandy, should the prostn-
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(an advantage, however, still more decided in the waves and
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tion of this rule, among the Mixtures, that, namely, of Mittura Potatsm Citratit, which
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intluence of cool water, freslj air and exercise, and the usual appliances J
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the very nature of the vital functions, medicines can affect them in no
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frequency in individuals whose feces contained no culturable
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The substances which follow, belonging to the subdivision of bitter
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the active principles of valerian, if not the roost active; but, when it le
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organ, as, for instance, the saliva, the bile, the pancreatic
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haave related in his lectures that an old and infirm German
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dant caloric, by means of evaporation. It has been affirmed,
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as ordinary full proof brandy. It is used chiefly in the preparation of
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skin for a short distance arninid the point of entrance is whitened, and
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is especially to be observed with regard to the warm water,
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cles, or occurring as original affections, or as attendants on other dis-
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secretions, are increased according to the measure of the ex-
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still more distinctly distinguish the body diluted with water
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dtially in a depressed or debilitated condition of the cerebral nervous