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prison, Dr. Bache stated, that he found the deaths to average

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The taenia solium is attributed to the ingestion of the cysticercus celhdosx,

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of his official connection with the Cherry Hill prison, the average

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There are several objections to this mode .of dressing the

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is a frequent symptom. The pulse at first may be quite frequent, and

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over i>tlier similar formulas. The well known mild action of Aloin on the lower portion of

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his ofSce, he was accustomed to insist with great earnestness

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m their return empty with the valves in good condition. Full description of Inhalation and Enema apparatuses witb dUWCticasif-

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promptness of its operation, may be obtained by arresting temporarily or

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ment. The young man went to sea, and was seen by Dr. Coates,

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nothing but cellular membrane. When the surface was mode-

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from two to two and a half grains of opium, with one of nitrate of

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characterized by diarrhoea, the dejections being lienteric and water}-.

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of the artection has been ascertained. The diagnostic characters of lead

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have, at least, lost their cough and fever^ their respiration has

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Cannabis Indica, 4 grains Ext. Lupuli and 5 minims fluid Ext. Cascara Sagrada, with

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affection, does not usually occasion lividity of the face or prolabia.

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tous, abdomen distended, pulse full, soft, and frequent ; action of the J^eart

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spontaneous vomiting, of marked constipation and of delirium,

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largest increase of fibrin ; pneumonitis ranks next as regards this feature,

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tation of necessity follows, and, in time, Avill become predominant. But,

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a stage cannot be predicated with any degree of certainty on either symp-

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rienced for the first time, the liability of the patient to this affection is

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waste. This condition at first suggests to the physician the probable

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cussion over same regions is slightly duller than natural, and a

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of the head, great prostration of strength, coolness of the ex-

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that of the rates of life insurance to the liability to death of particular

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place or not, the blood sometimes not being expelled by the mouth, but

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liant diagnosis has been corroborated by instances in which, under similar

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Since the appointment of a Librarian, the Library Committee

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tity, qualit}^, and variety. The articles should be highly nutritious and

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Thoracentesis by means of a small trocar attached to the suction-pump,

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less familiar. The marked characteristics are gradual and, at length, com-

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as the spirits of turpentine, will afford relief. The latter will not be re-

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Chemist and Graduate of the *' Ecole Centrale des Arts st Manufactures de Paris " {France\.