cancer of the pleura. But this is not all. As Pace has shown,

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at his disposal. Students requiring aid should visit the Director as soon as

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Edward G. Birge, M.D., Instructor in Preventive Medicine and\

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regular a course as this does and terminates in death, and all die. The

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The course this disease runs is according to the cause that induces it. •

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ness that the patients were actually not | among us.

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tends to. and involves the muscular and parts of the serous; the Hernia is

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had never passed beyond two generations. The influenza bacillus would

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and swelling of the lids; cornea is more or less cloudy, and there is a dis-

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that the affection is not one of the glottis, j vomiting of highly offensive matter, obstinate

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city, not more than 2 or 3 inches of snow | days north of the latitude of Cape Hatteras;

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Franklin P. Johnson, A.M., Instructor in Ilistology and Embryology .

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North District Morgue and of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Intramuros, a pathogenic bacillus of which I have been able to find

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tance to the physician, alike as practitioner and as a witness in court.

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the breast, together with considerable en- 1 four cases of colic now in the house will

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Devere, Frederick Hewitt, m.d. (Univ. of Vermont) °''°"'

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investigation under the direction of the heads of services and their

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the ulcerations, which had been extensive/ friends, without a proper examination hav-