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enlargement, or apparent connexion, between the wounded
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This peculiar change is, in fact, the resultant of an
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lum being in part occupied witli cellulo-osseous matter.
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men recomniended'whose antecedents have not been inquired into.
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in this instance, yet the occurrence of former haemor-
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tion in our eyes. We can no longer make the same eye
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account for their production by any laws of mechanism :
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CuRRiE. On March >*ih, at Bouiogne-sur-Mer, aged 72, Caroline
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foiTued their arduous, onerous, and responsible du-
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amination, the tumour was as large as the uterus at
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and in houses also, the great instinct of man is first
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Tattersall, William James, St. Bartholomew's Hospital
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On the 27th I again saw him, and was surprised to find
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coughing \vith which the patient was seized at fre-
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have proved more susceptible to the action of the poison |
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The foundation-stone of St. 3Iary's Hospital was laid
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are in a position and locality favourable to such an investigation.
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Surgical Society a lipoma removed from the temporo-
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ditions may exist in a first pregnancy, or may con)e
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This, I think, has been proved by the wonderful effi-
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no return of the vaginal or vulvar irritation up to the
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by it. We knoAV too well Avhat varying accounts are
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Moreover, this change, some supporters of the theory
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nature, is too rare in medical literature, ancient or
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tients having been in easier circvimstances. But as
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regular forage allov.-ance has been granted to medical
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of his views on the subject of fever, encourages me to
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vance and above the line of vision, and looking like
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The case was one of aneurism of the superior mesen-
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Statistical Tables of the Operations PERroRMED from January to June, 1864, inclusive.
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1850, it vras proposed by the late Sir J. Forbes, and
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